Popular Photo Jewelry Making and Customization Options

If you want to create a unique picture necklace design, there are a few steps you will need to take to ensure the necklace you create is beautiful. This is an easy project to do with a variety of different pictures that you can find in a variety of places, including online or in craft stores. You will need to have a picture that is high-resolution and available in a small format, such as a canvas print or stretched poster. Since you want your picture to have a nice, even texture, it will help if you use a cardstock for your picture necklace pendant. If you want to do it on a computer, you should be able to find many of the pictures you want to use in a program that will allow you to preview the image before you print it out.

Choose the kind of picture necklace shapes and pre-cut necklaces that you want to wear to create picture jewelry in the three-dimensional format list below. If you are looking for three-dimensional jewels that you can wear like earrings or bracelets, you will likely find them easier to find online. You should be able to find all of the different kinds of jewelries you want to put together using just a simple search on the Internet.

The first step you will want to take to complete your picture necklace is to select a quality picture necklace pendant from a reputable jeweler. Since you will be embedding beads into the pendant, it will benefit to choose one that is made from a durable material. In addition, if you plan on using multiple colors, you will want to choose a necklace that has a backing that is made from polyester, silk or high quality cotton. If you don’t know what the best material to choose is, you should ask an expert jeweler to help you out.

After you have chosen your picture necklace, you can then go ahead and place your order with a company online. Most companies will allow you to customize your picture necklace order, so be sure to ask them about that before you place the order. If you have any specific instructions or requirements, they should be able to help you out as well. When ordering this way, you should also be aware that there are sometimes you will have to pay an additional shipping fee to get your order to the jeweler. Also, if you are going to use several different kinds of beads, you will probably be charged extra for shipping as well. It is still better to ask than to not ask, though, as you never know what kind of fees they may tack onto your order.

Engraving is another one of the picture necklace customization options. This works best on chain necklace styles where the clasp is the large piece of metal that hangs from the neck. This option is important because it lets you have more control over where the engraving goes on your necklace. You can go with simple etching, but you can also use elaborate designs if you want.

The internet provides endless opportunities for picture necklace customization. Even if you aren’t comfortable creating your own designs, you can still purchase these necklaces from many different online sources. The price range is vast, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something that suits your budget. If you like finger jewelry making, you should definitely consider photo jewelry making. Not only is it cheaper than purchasing expensive pieces, but the results are stunning!